Travel Route

Updated on January 30th, 2007

I have not planned my route in detail yet, and from past experience, that's the way I should keep it. However, here is the general route through Asia, and soon I will share a more detailed route through Japan. I already mapped that out last year because I was planning on doing the trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka over the 2006 Christmas vacation. That plan changed very last-minute, after I prepared for it, so it's already done.

Here is a rough idea of my travel route.

2007 Timetable

April 9 - Arrive back in Tokyo after 1 week in USA
April 10-17 - Bike Tokyo --> Nagano --> Kyoto
*** Work in Kyoto after wallet was stollen!! ***
June 10 - Boat to Busan, South Korea
June 11 - Arrive Pusan
June 11-20 - Bike Pusan to Seoul
July 1 - Boat to Dalian, China
July 2 - Arrive Dalian
July 2-8 - Bike Dalian to Beijing
July 9 -August - Live/work in Beijing
August - Bike (or train?) to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
September - Trans-Siberian Railway from Ulaanbaatar --> Helsinki, Finland