Hong Kong, Dec ‘05

My girlfriend, Hiroe, and I went to Hong Kong for her birthday and Christmas in 2005.  I’ve said ti before, and I’ll say it again (and again, and again. . . ):  Hong Kong is my favorite city in the world!!!!  It’s essentially perfect!  They thought of everything, and it’s an international model for urban planning.  The subway is sleek, fast, frequent, clean, and offers a host of amenities not found in any other city (free interent terminals, huge flat-screen TV’s on trains and platforms showing news, perfect signage, ultra high-tech non-contact pass, free information, underground shopping/passages, etc).  The busses are equally cool (only other city in the world to use new double-deckers - very cool).  The architacture os mind-blowing.  The crush of people (if you seek them out) is exciting, and hectic.  The scenery in the parks and mountains (yes most of Hong Kong is rural!!) is perfectly planned, yet breathtaking. 

Hong Kong highlighted in RED