Graduation Message

I was asked to write a message to the outgoing student and was given a tiny piece of paper to fit it in.  Hence the choice of a Haiku and stilted style:


A chapter closes
But do not despair for long
Today you grow wings

And, like butterflies, you are all individuals and have something unique to offer the world.  Remember this in the trying years that follow.  One day you will re-read this at a time when life seems insurmountable.  But by then, of course, you will already know that individuality is the key to success.

Thank you for being my genki students.  Best of luck for your future!

Christian Adam Richardson


New Years in Amsterdam!

Well, I WAS going to bike the length of Japan for Christmas vacation, but the list of hurdles was growing so when my friend, Jia, asked me to come see her in Amsterdam and she found me a cheap flight, I couldn’t resist.  So I made a lst-minute change in plans and headed to the Netherlands to celebrate my friends birthday, Christmas, and New Years.  It was a cold, but great experience.  I really miss my friends, but I have learned to push that to the back of my mind in Japan.  But it was great because it was as if no time had passed, and it was wonderful spending time with friends from home, China, Tibet, and Holland!

I spent Christmas in an unusual situation with both Jia, Heather, and Heather’s ex.  Four ex’s all hanging out was. . . interesting just to wrap my mind around.  We were able to go to Haarlem together as well, and Jia and I had plenty of time to trips to Delft (to help her friend move) and Rotterdam (in a botched attempt to meet a YAUC volunteer).

But for me, the highlight was New Years Eve.  It was spectacular spectacular!!  No words in the vernacular!!!  Basically it was an intense celebration with the added fun of an outdoor DJ and people shooting huge fireworks into the crowd!  Read all about it by clicking here, or Holland, Dec ‘06 link in the sidebar.  <—