Thailand 2006

Between school semesters in Japan, I took a 9-day trip to Thailand.  It was my first time there, and I had heard tons about it from fellow travelers. 

Overall I thought it was a great first place to go in Asia.  It is exotic, and strange to a Western eye (and ear, and nose, and tongue), and the people are terrifically friendly.   The flip side is that, at least the north part of the country, didn`t offer as many unique experiences as I had hoped.  Much of what I saw was generic “poor Asia”: tuk-tuks, corrigated roofs, wandering street dogs, open-window local transport (natural air-con), etc.  I`m not complaining though!  This is THE friendliest country in the entire world!  No wonder the country slogan is “land of smiles”.  These people are not just friendly, but increadibly giving (even though they have nothing).  I can`t recommend it enough!  Just make it your first stop in Asia; not your last.

Thailand highlighted in RED

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