Mt. Fuji

Spring 2005
September 1, 2006


I was SO tired by the time the sun came up.  This was me trying to smile, but I didn't have any control over my facial muscles.

This volcanic rock is SO red during sunrise (and probably sunset) but the rest of the day it just looked brown.

Again... TRYING to smile, but I just couldn't manage after pulling an all-nighter walking up a mountain!!

Around Fuji

This is from the spring time.  Fuji san is known in Japan as the shy mountain, so it's rarely visible through all the clouds, but I was lucky this day.

Sunrise from the top of Fuji san.  Well... it was nothing special, and TOTALLY not worth climbing a mountain and getting altitude sickness for, but obviously I looked.

At the Fuji temple you are supposed to ask for a good climb before attempting.  People DO die every year in Fuji.  It's NO joke.  This is a ceremony at that temple and a new barrel of sake has been opened and is being served by girls (the way it's always done in Japan).