Getting my fellow English teachers drunk at a Canadian bar in Shibuya, Tokyo.  

Me, Casey, and Hiroe enjoying (surprisingly) Disney Sea - Disneys adult theme park next to Tokyo Disneyland.

Typical camera pose.

I met someone on Couchsurfing or Myspace or something and she showed me around Tokyo and Yokohama a couple times.  During Sakura (cherry blossom festival) we got drunk in Shibuya and then wandered through Yoyogi park.  Yoyogi is full of people drinking 24-7 for Sakura.  Before long we were hanging out with some fellow inebriated souls when my friend disappeared.  She left me with them, which turned out to be great!  At 6 am we got on the trains and went to an outdoor rave in Odaiba!  What a surprise!  The music sucked, but it was a unexpected experience, and tons of fun! 

Around Tokyo

Typical ramen shops under the train tracks of Ginza.

Quick trip to NYC for the weekend... No, this is from Odaiba looking back on Tokyo.

Ginza during the weekend, when it opens it's streets to pedestrians.

Wedding at Meiji Temple in Yoyogi Park.

Bride with amazing hair at the Meiji temple.

Shibuya crossing.

Shibuya crossing at night.

Coy gasping for air.

Theme park roller coaster goes through Ferris wheel at the Tokyo Dome.

Asakusa's Sen-soji Temple

Paper cranes in a temple near Ueno.

Tokyo Tower

Famous Dancing Elvises in Harajuku.

Beautiful Venetian architecture at Disney Sea.

Arabic architecture at Disney Sea.