Hong Kong

Christmas 2005


I went with my girlfriend at the time, Hiroe.  This is us standing under the big Buddha in Hong Kong.

Looking down on all the skyscrapers from Victory Peak.

Around Hong Kong

The double decker street trams that run the length of the skyscraper district are super cheap.


The streets in the Kowloon district are much more like the rest of China, and are teaming with people.

Dim Sum is known by some in the States but is usually eaten at the wrong time of day.  Dim Sum means "tea time", and was prompted by the desire to come up with something equivalent to the British Tea time.  It's only available from 11am-3pm, and is an a la carte affair with many choices of steamed and fried finger food such as these.

Eating street food is a REAL challenge, as the food is often totally unidentifiable and the smells can be truly disgusting.

Thousand Year Old Eggs - that's the Chinese name for these, and I'm not even sure what they are.  But what is inside is kind of black and smells like rotting, vinegary, fart.

The skyline in Hong Kong is amazing.  It's my favorite in the world!  It's got a backdrop of lush, green mountains, and is right on the water.  Amazing.

Some street eating is at a stand and you can walk with it, but if you want to sit down, these sidewalk restaurants pop up after dark, and all day at markets. It's a total TRIP to eat at one of these!